Who We Are

We have an encyclopedic knowledge of cloud POS systems, payment processing options, and how to seamlessly integrate them. Our deep background in the payment processing world means that we offer real-world expertise to master the often-confusing systems that are so essential for your business.

Our Expertise


We specialize in Vend & Kounta POS systems setup as well as Xero cloud accounting setup and POS integration.

We work with a number of add-on POS integration partners including Deputy, Timely, Hubdoc and many more.


See how an integrated cloud solution works for similar companies.

With a custom cloud combination built around the POS system Vend, we can help you do everything from understanding if your bestselling product is the most profitable to knowing what time of day to send marketing emails for the best conversion rate.

There is a way to manage your staffing and scheduling with a smartphone: it’s Deputy, the ultimate employee management app. When integrated with a cloud POS system and online accounting, everything from payroll to sales reporting will be streamlined.


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Multiple sales channels? A custom solution built around Stitch will manage inventory and pricing for you. Combined with a cloud accounting tool like Xero, your billing collections and expense management just got easy.